MSSV Et Co, a firm of Chartered Accountants providing wide range of accounting and financial services such as.

Auditing and Assurance Service

Our auditing services are equipped with advanced techniques and creative approach in auditing for better financial 6t administrative controls. The core of any successful and visionary financial management setup is to employ advanced techniques and creative approach in auditing for more efficient operation, stronger financial structure and improved system controls.

Our assurance services add efficiency and profitability to organization by providing credibility financial statements, professional advices to management, and expedient solutions to improve the systems Et performance. Our international audit approach with latest methods would maximize audit efficiency, enables timely delivery and value added advisory services to our clients. The Firm evaluates all the potential new audit and assurance service clients and the value created

MSSV Et Co has a significant audit and assurance practice and is one of the reputed accounting firms besides being one of the oldest Indian accounting firms in Bangalore being founded in 1981. The firm performs Tax Audits under the Income Tax Act and undertakes Review Engagements for assurance clients, especially those listed companies, which are required to have their quarterly-yearly results subjected to a limited review.

We have been undertaking and tackling all types of Bank Auditing works concerned with various rules and regulations of the Income Tax and other departments of India. Managing various types of business operations successfully by the companies and corporations in India requires a large number of regulatory compliances essentially including the bank audits. These all auditing works are completed punctually by our expert organization, at rather reasonable charges.

The Bank Audit Services by MSSV& Co is committed in providing the Bank with leading-edge, professional, internal audit services. The firm is organized into multi-disciplinary teams that provide a full range of integrated internal audit services (e.g., financial, information technology and operational auditing, together with control self-assessments and facilitation services). These internal audit services are performed each year across all of the major functional elements of the Bank (i.e., Monetary Policy, Currency, Financial System, Funds Management, and Corporate Administration)

Our management audit services cover in-depth and scrupulous checking of all day-to-day transactions. Our experienced professional consultants and auditors ensure that all dealings are as per the management's guidelines, policies & procedures and have conducted internal audits for various corporate houses and business establishments. Further, they assist the management in improving systems and check financial data and also assist in clients business from detecting errors and omissions to rectifying such errors, preventing fraud and to cut down redundant costs.

Generally, every company is required to verify physically his fixed assets and stock in trade, once in a year through an independent agency.

We offer services in management audit services matters relating to:

  • Cost savings and cost reduction advices.
  • Review of MIS.
  • Financial data audit.
  • Testing compliance with system process and procedures.
  • Detection of errors and omissions.
  • Rectification of errors.
  • Prevention of fraud.
  • Suggestion for improvements in systems and procedures.
  • EDP audit and suggestion for internal control computerized environment.
  • Periodical reporting of audit finding.

The principal objectives of the Statutory Audit is to ensure that the financial statements i.e. the Balance Sheet, Profit fit Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement give a true fit fair view and are free from any material misstatements. Our approach to Statutory Audit of the financial statements is to provide reasonable assurance that creates value to a clients business. Our quality- in- time statutory audit services are designed to bring unexpected and far-reaching benefits from our understanding, knowledgeable questioning, imaginative and insightful approach.

The service we deliver is the natural blend of compliance and is backed with the experts audit methodology and techniques to bring precision and economy to our clients' audits. The accounts are prepared in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and are free of any misstatements, errors and discrepancies.

In addition to the traditional statutory audit, we also help the clients by monitoring organizational ethics, conducting effective reviews of operational and financial performance, assessing the quality, economy and efficiency of their operations and suggesting continuous improvement strategies. Our view of our clients' organizations is broad and deep, and we look behind the numbers to consider what they mean for the business as a whole. We use the audit to explore and think more widely about our clients' businesses and the potential issues they face. Clientele across sectors such as manufacturing, textiles, energy, food processing, telecommunications, Information technology enable our services.

Our stock audit service involves detailed checking of stock records and also physical verification of all stock types. Internal inventory audit is undertaken to find out shortcoming in inventory records. The inventory audit report made available by us is to give solutions for inventory reduction for effective and controlled production of items not stop due to deficiency of stock of material or blockage of money. We also offer suggestions for the controlling of cost of the stocks of our client's company through inventory maintenance cycle through source of inventory auditing services.

The Stock audit services of MSSV & Co assure to achieve the following objective to ensure stock audit reliability.

We have long experience in providing Stock audit services to various clients ensuring control around Inventory management and implementing the scrupulous stock audits to facilitate the final auditing of the accounts of a company. There are a large number of different accounts to be maintained for managing all the operations, activities, processes, etc. concerned with a company, or a joint venture. Proper maintenance and precise auditing of such stocks are essential for the company to run smoothly.

  • To ensure proper preservation / storage and handling of stock.
  • To identify whether there exist any obsolete stock & if yes, whether it has been segregated & written off.
  • To verify whether the stock is adequately insured against fire and other natural calamities (in appropriate cases against other risks like theft, burglary, marine, riots etc. as per sanction)
  • To ascertain whether physical stock tally with the stock statement submitted to the banker.
  • To confirm that stock is owned by the borrower and finance is made against value of paid stock only.
  • To examine the age wise debtors outstanding as per books and as per statement submitted by the bank, steps taken for recovery of long pending debtors and likely instances of debtors turning bad, if any.

Our tax audit service specializes in tax preparation, tax auditing, tax education, tax planning and tax strategies. We also offer accounting services included but are not limited to bookkeeping, payroll and financial statements to our clients. At MSSV £t Co the clients always come first has and has helped both individuals and businesses to reach their financial goals.

Leveraging on our industrial experience, we have been able to offer a comprehensive range of audit service that includes compliance audit services, tax audit services, revenue audit services, investigation audit services, statutory/ tax audit, and investigation audit. These services help our client to maximize their income and save different taxes as per the rules and regulation.

  • Every organization, which has turnover of more than 40 lacs, has to obtain a tax audit services report from a chartered accountant in certain cases. We outsource such tax audit services for all small and big companies and corporations of diverse sectors. We have hired a team of qualified CAs who have rich industrial experience of Tax Auditing and provide effective solutions to our
  • Every assessee, whose annual turnover exceeds Rs. 40 Lacs or the total business receipts from any profession exceed the amount of Rs.10 Lacs in any previous year, is bound to get his accounts properly audited and report the same according to the section 44 AB of the Income Tax Act. We serve all small and big companies and corporations of diverse sectors

We offer a full range of business organizational planning and consulting services; right from formation of legal entities to procedural compliance. Our team of expert consultants provides clients with highest standards of professional legal and business counsel and representation. Our philosophy is to maintain a proactive relationship with our clients; assisting them in identifying and addressing potential needs. Our domain expertise in meeting different business requirements enables us to minimize the burden for our clients.

Our clients extend to virtually all business sectors, and industry segments, ranging from manufacturing, trading, logistics, pharmaceuticals, information technology, financial services, banking, exchanges, dot-coms and e-commerce businesses.

Our spectrum of services includes:

  • Setting up of proprietorship, partnership, business, public and private limited companies, public & private trust, charitable & religious institutions.
  • All required registrations for the startups.
  • Setting up of Indian branch offices and liaison offices.
  • Transfer pricing consultancy.
  • Consulting in FDI regulations.
  • General advice on company law.
  • Filing of annual returns on your behalf.
  • Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions.
  • Maintenance of statutory books.
  • Assistance in changes of directors, shareholders, addresses, and office details.
  • Bonus issues.
  • Share transfers.
  • Setting up of Indian subsidiary, branch office and liaison office
  • STPI registrations and procedural compliances.