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Bank Audit

We have been undertaking and tackling all types of Bank Auditing works concerned with various rules and regulations of the Income Tax and other departments of India. Managing various types of business operations successfully by the companies and corporations in India requires a large number of regulatory compliances essentially including the bank audits. These all auditing works are completed punctually by our expert organization, at rather reasonable charges.

The Bank Audit Services by MSSV& Co is committed in providing the Bank with leading-edge, professional, internal audit services. The firm is organized into multi-disciplinary teams that provide a full range of integrated internal audit services (e.g., financial, information technology and operational auditing, together with control self-assessments and facilitation services). These internal audit services are performed each year across all of the major functional elements of the Bank (i.e., Monetary Policy, Currency, Financial System, Funds Management, and Corporate Administration).

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